Grand Prize
Middle School
(Junior Division)
White Ward Hayley G. Texas, USA
High School
(Senior Division)
Darling Emily M. New Jersey, USA
Middle School (Junior Division)
First Place Montauk Adam A. Florida, USA
Second Place Driftwood Farris P. Washington, USA
Third Place There Stands Today a Statue Anne M. Louisiana, USA
Award of Excellence Untitled Katelyn F. Virginia, USA
Honorable Mention Buffalo William H. California, USA
Judges' Award My World Julia P. Kansas, USA
Short Story   
First Place White Ward Hayley G. Texas, USA
Second Place Guardian Angel Crystal S. New Jersey, USA
Third Place Tick Tock Kaitlin H. North Carolina, USA
Award of Excellence Daddy's Little Princess Hamna H. Michigan, USA
Honorable Mention The Travelers Rose C. North Carolina, USA
Judges' Award The Dragon Wishes Joseph P. Virginia, USA
First Place A Voice From the Attic Kaitlyn A. California, USA
Second Place
The Impact of Submarines
in World War II
Robert T. Pennsylvania, USA
Third Place Mother Dearest Tobi C. Texas, USA
Award of Excellence
Ingredients of a Lasting
Linzey L. Arizona, USA
Honorable Mention Christopher Columbus Neehar B. Minnesota, USA
Judges' Award Dreams of My Father Erin N. Illinois, USA
High School (Senior Division)
First Place Darling Emily M. New Jersey, USA
Second Place (Tie)
Another Failed Relationship
in New York City
Deborah G. New Jersey, USA
Second Place (Tie)
Shiva Minyan
(Gathering for the Dead)
Sarah M. Maryland, USA
Third Place
A Challenge by
the Challenged...
Garima P. Uttarakhand, India
Award of Excellence Waiting for the Unicorns Kathleen H. New Jersey, USA
Honorable Mention The End of the World Sarah F. Kentucky, USA
Judges' Award Just Because I'm Black Shanekia M. South Carolina, USA
Short Story
First Place Bridges Burned Jacelyn H. Jiangsu, China
Second Place The Job Amanda D. California, USA
Third Place Harry Celina M. Oxon, UK
Award of Excellence
Good News, Class, We
Have a Test Tomorrow
Ian T. Massachusetts, USA
Honorable Mention
If the book 'Giver' had
Chapter 24
Cheenar B. Minnesota, USA
First Place (Tie)
Of West and Wilson:
Celebrity Rudeness and
the Modern State of Etiquette
Andrew K. California, USA
First Place (Tie)
Good Enough? Phoebe S. North Dakota, USA
Second Place Untitled Fuyun Z. Michigan, USA
Third Place The Power of Photography Celina M. Oxon, UK
Award of Excellence Panhandling Riya M. Minnesota, USA
Honorable Mention Is Santa Claus Real? Rebekah F. Colorado, USA