Grand Prize
Middle School
(Junior Division)
Medusa Victoria C. Oregon, USA
High School
(Senior Division)
Another Hamlet: An Elongated Sonnet Sarah M. Maryland, USA
Middle School (Junior Division)
First Place Medusa Victoria C. Oregon, USA
Second Place Last Year's Tigers Marianna B. Minnesota, USA
Third Place Courage Holly S. Illinois, USA
Award of Excellence A Fable by the Moon Riya M. Minnesota
Honorable Mention Happiness Ishtpreet S. Minnesota, USA
Judges' Award Voices Shanice R. Missouri, USA
Short Story
First Place The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Beaver Katie S. Minnesota, USA
Second Place Life Isn't That Bad After All! Julia G. Ontario, CA
Third Place The Vampire Victoria C. Oregon, USA
Award of Excellence The Tree and the Seed Peter G. Minnesota, USA
Honorable Mention Lady or the Tiger: Alternate Ending Melissa S. Missouri, USA
Judges' Award History Daniella T. Virginia, USA
First Place The Nightmare Riya M. Minnesota, USA
Second Place Daddy Lies Cassandra B. Missouri, USA
Second Place American Patriot Ishtpreet S. Minnesota, USA
Award of Excellence Funding Our Future Alex T. Washington, USA
Honorable Mention My Brother Taylor H. Missouri, USA
Judges' Award Helen Keller: My Inspiration Julia G. Ontario, CA
High School (Senior Division)
First Place Another Hamlet: An Elongated Sonnet Sarah M. Maryland, USA
Second Place The Poet Krista O. Texas, USA
Third Place The Shrink Elizabeth H. Massachusetts, USA
Award of Excellence Por Erubiel: Mi Amante Tonto Maggie M. New York, USA
Honorable Mention Confliction Alan Z. Washington, USA
Judges' Award Love Song Sakura W. Miyagi, Japan
Short Story
First Place Miles to the Gallon Lauren N. New Jersey, USA
Second Place Journal Entries of A Prisoner and A Guard Joseph B. Sendai, Japan
Third Place Gift of the Magi James B. Alberta, Canada
Award of Excellence Accusations of the 9th Century Miru W. Sendai, Japan
Honorable Mention Memories of a Lively Red Wagon Krista O. Texas, USA
Judges' Award A Dream and a Story Leah B. Nebraska, USA
First Place Held Together By a String James B. Alberta, CA
Second Place Child Soldiers of the Congo Krista O. Texas, USA
Third Place Second Home Marcella W. Wisconsin, USA
Award of Excellence Becoming an Optimist Jenna S. Utah, USA
Honorable Mention A Driving Environment Joseph B. British Columbia, CA
Judges' Award Guardian Angel Alan Z. Washington, USA