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Poetry Scores

Please refer to your Judge Instructions for any questions.

Scoring is  0 through 9, with 9 being the highest score.

A NINE (9) indicates a PERFECT score and, while an entry may be superlative in one area, the chances of it being PERFECT in all is highly unlikely.

The poem was organized logically. Poem created a pattern of sounds.
The author established a pattern to which the poem conformed.
Images created atmosphere and mood
The poem was unique and innovative
How well did the formatting of the poem reflect the rhythm, flow, and musicality? Did it add or detract from the impact of the poem?
Judge Commentary

Feedback is the most important aspect of our judging process, one that sets NVYW apart from EPIC's other competitions. All NVYW entrants receive feedback from the judges.

Your feedback should be clear, but keep in mind that these are kids. It must be encouraging; start with the good you found in the work. Please do NOT go into deep technical detail or reference other works. DO remember to offer specific guidance that will be helpful and instructive. End your comments with more encouragement. Above all be honest. For the benefit of the hard-working NVYW staff, please be brief; keep your comments to a maximum of 150 words.

Please keep the entries from each round until the finalist, then winners, are announced. After the winners are announced, please permanently delete the entries from your computer.

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