Literacy is extremely close to the hearts of EPIC members EPIC, The Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition. We provide a strong voice for electronic publishing with a global membership consisting of published authors, publishers, editors, cover artists, and other industry professionals.

EPIC established the New Voices Young Writer's Competition™ in 2006 to encourage reading and writing within our public, private schools and home-based schools. Young writers, ages 11 through 18, are invited to enter their essays, poems, and short stories and the response has grown each year. New Voices is truly an international competition, with entries coming from Bulgaria, Canada, China, India, Japan, South Africa, the United States, the United Kingdom...just to name a few! (See Past winners.)

New Voices inspires young writers and poets to spread their wings, to allow their dreams to become reality. Our no-cost global writing competition is open to students attending private, public, or home schools in the hopes of:

  • encouraging young authors by offering the opportunity to showcase their work and receive positive encouragement from industry and educational professionals; and
  • enlightening and educating students and their parents/guardians, as well as the education system, about eBooks and the ePublishing industry

Each entrant receives feedback from the judges; professionals from both the electronic and print publishing industry; teachers and librarians. The judges offer constructive criticism and encouragement, such as suggestions to expand a story, modifying a writing style, or more attention to detail (punctuation, grammar, or research). The very best of the entries are selected by the judges for inclusion in annual New Voices Anthology.

EPIC has made some changes through the years: instead of accepting faxes or mail in forms we handle all entries and correspondence through email and an online entry form, keeping everything electronic. We use secure storage for entries and scanned signature authorizations, and safeguard your personal information. Only the most basic information is shared with judges: the entrant's name, the category, the title of the entry, and the entry itself.

Because of the care EPIC takes with all aspects of the New Voices Young Writer's Competition™, both the organization and competition have earned the highest respect from their membership, entrants, and the educational community. Many of these changes have been incorporated due to questions from concerned parents, teachers, and schools. These questions have ranged from who sponsors our competition to what is the cost of entry to what will winners have to "buy" if they win. EPIC wants to reassure entrants, parents, and schools, that:

  • EPIC's membership sponsors the New Voices Young Writer's Competition™.
  • There is never any entry fee.
  • EPIC provides any and all prizes, including printed anthologies to winners and their entry-listed library/school.

Additional printed copies, as available, may be ordered from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a minimal cost, plus shipping and handling. Free downloads of past years' anthologies may be found on the New Voices anthology page.

EPIC is proud of every student who has entered our competition and we look forward to many more years of new and innovative work from our global artists!

Our children are not only the readers and writers of the future;
they are the VOICES of the future.
EPIC has given that voice a place and time.
Here is that place.
Now is their time.