Okay, got your permission form downloaded, printed, read, signed and scanned by your parent or guardian and yourself? Is your permission form saved in a picture or .pdf format with a filename that identifies the division and the entrant's name? Do you have your entry or entries saved in a .doc or .rtf format? Does it have a filename that identifies the division, category, title, and entrant's name?

This is all described in the rules, so if you're not sure, check before you begin filling out this form.

You have it all? Terrific! Let's go!

Entrant Contact Information
So we don't make a mistake with our pronouns!
Your Biography

What would you like to tell people about yourself? Don't be too specific about your school or where you live, but tell us what jazzes you: books, sports, music, whatever. Tell us what you want to do with your life. Please include thoughts on how eBooks have changed your reading experience, share how eBooks and ePublishing impact your life. If you leave this section blank, and win, we won't have anything to tell folks. You will be limited to 200 words.

School Contact Information

Please provide contact information for your school, public, private, or homeschool.

The contact can be any person who can receive mail on behalf of the school. This is to provide the school of winning entrants with copies of the Anthology.

Entry One

Complete the information below for your first entry. All fields in this first group are required, since we assume you'll be entering at least one work.

Remember! You can enter three works, but only one in each category. That's one story, one nonfiction work, one poem.

Entry Two

If you have a second entry, complete the fields below.

Entry Three

If you have a third entry, enter the information below.

Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions are detailed in the Permission Form which you should have downloaded, printed, read, signed, and then handed over to your parent or guardian to read and sign. You should now have a scanned copy of this signed form and be ready to upload it. Uploading the permission form constitutes agreement to the terms and conditions described in the form.

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