Our standard procedure is to notify parents once their child registers on the New Voices Young Writers Forum. Many of us are parents, so we understand how you worry about where your children go and with whom they interact. We will do our best to protect your children as we would our own. Be assured this forum is monitored at all times, providing extensive electronic protection to our members. And, as this forum is constantly under watchful eyes, anyone who violates the policies and guidelines will be blocked and/or removed.

Our forum is open to young writers, ages ten through eighteen, as a place where writing questions may be asked and answered by other young writers, as well as publishing industry professionals.

Our mentors are publishing industry professionals, committed to recognizing excellence in this next generation of writers. We will encourage dreams, propose suggestions, provide advice, and submit feedback on works-in-progress. We will guide our young members through the entry process of the New Voices Young Writers Competition, an annual competition for young writers from private, public, and home schools. For many, we will be their first step into the publishing world.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

The NVYW Forum Moderators