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Thursday, April 02, 2015
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Welcome to New Voices!

The 2015 New Voices Young Writers Competition entry period is now over!

Read the rules for all the info!

The New Voices 2014 Anthology is now available for download. Click here.


We congratulate the winners of the 2014 New Voices Young Writers competition. Their work is included in the New Voices 2014 anthology. Scroll down for the full list of this year's talented young writers.

 New Voices 2014

Cover courtesy of Sheri L. McGathy.


Download a New Voices Young Writers brochure, which you can print and distribute at will.

The 2014 New Voices Anthology is now available for download, as are the anthologies for all previous years. Click on the New Voices Anthology link in the menu.


Grand Prize Winners

Junior Division A New Life (Short Story) Victoria G. Mississippi, USA
Senior Division To Take the Route of Heaney (Essay)  Linda C. Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Junior Division


First Place Wave Dogs Ally B. Texas, USA
Second Place The War of Worlds Brianna A. Alabama, USA
Third Place War Haiki James R. Alabama, USA
Award of Excellence I Dream a Dream Alexa P. Maryland, USA
Honorable Mention Rewarding Diligence Jasmine B. New York, USA
Judges' Award If But Thine Eyes Elise S. Minnesota, USA

Short Story

First Place A New Life Victoria G. MIssissippi, USA
Second Place
The Umbrella:
A Diary of an American
Concentration Camp Survivor
Catherine B. Alabama, USA
Third Place Guardian Angel Jocelyn B. Washington, USA
Award of Excellence Sixteen Gabby G. California, USA
Honorable Mention Death Alyssa C. Alabama, USA
Judges' Award My Wasteland Brianna A. Alabama, USA


First Place Animal Freedom Prerana P. Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Second Place Journey Across the Atlantic Aisha M. Wisconsin, USA
Third Place A New Power Source Andy C. Virginia, USA
Award of Excellence Katherine's Mission Katherine M. Georgia, USA
Honorable Mention The Competition Zachary T. Georgia, USA
Judges' Award What Do I Do? Brittany S. Alabama, USA

Senior Division


First Place The Ocean Sandhya S. New York, USA
Second Place Thoughts Alexandra P. Massachusetts, USA
Third Place To Lie in the Fallen Leaves Abbie M. Pennsylvania, USA
Award of Excellence Baby Madeleine L. California, USA
Honorable Mention The Cover Yuriy M. New York, USA
Judges' Award Tears Ivy Z. Ontario, Canada

 Short Story

First Place Mustache Jacob W. Texas, USA
Second Place The Soldier Comes Home Stephen M. Texas, USA
Third Place Secret Worlds Siqi L. Illinois, USA
Award of Excellence On the Ship with the Lights Kayla J. Texas, USA
Honorable Mention Requiem Ella C. Illinois, USA
Judges' Award Dancing Away Denise K. Texas, USA


First Place To Take the Route of Heaney Linda C. Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Second Place Bonjour, Mon Ami Victoria T. Illinois, USA
Third Place Confusion of a Banana Madeleine L. California, USA
Award of Excellence The Horror! Harrison B. Kansas, USA
Honorable Mention Brown Eyes Neehar B. Minnesota, USA
Judges' Award Jackie Seung J. Illinois, USA





One of the leading competitions in the electronic world for young authors, the New Voices Young Writer's Competition™ encourages reading and writing among middle and high school students while introducing them to the exciting world of eBooks and ePublishing, the wave of the literary future.

The New Voices Young Writer's Competition™  can become a launching pad into the world of publishing for many young writers, allowing them their first taste of professional feedback and pushing them to achieve their dream of seeing their words in print.

Established by EPIC in 2006, the competition accepts entries from students attending public, private, or home schools from all over the world.

Know an aspiring young writer? The New Voices Young Writers Competition brochure can be downloaded and distributed to any school, homeschool organization, or young writer. Copies of the brochure can be requested by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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