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Hello, 2018 entrants!

The entry form was giving us some problems, but all is well now. Due to the lateness of getting things working, we will be extending the entry period to December 30, 2017. Have fun! 

We look forward to seeing your great submissions.

Your Competitions Chair, Debi Sullivan


Messages from the New Voices Minions:

Hey, my peeps!

Scroll down to see the winners of the 2017 New Voices Young Writers Competition. Congratulations to our wonderfully talented writers.

The 2017 Anthology has been shipped. Copies are available for sale. It will also be available for free download right here on this very website in a week or so.

On Conflict: 

"Conflict is the struggle against someone or something in which the outcome is in doubt. In books, bad things happen to good people." ~ Debra Dixon

"Be a Sadist. No matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful things happen to them-in order that the reader may see what they are made of." – Kurk Vonnegut.

"Let me  warn you... if conflict makes you unconfortable or you have difficulity wrecking the lives of your characters, you need to consider another line of work ,"~ Debra Dixon

"When you describe a character, you give the reader an image of him. But when you put him to the test by putting him in conflict, then he springs to life. He is forced to make a decision, and then forced to act upon that decision. This displays the mettle of the character, which allows the reader to get to the essence of who the character is." ~ Elizabeth George